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Wang Mingxian

Wang Mingxian
Mr. Wang Mingxian, expert on fine arts of the Chinese Great Cultural Revolution, vice- manager of Architecture Institute , China Art Academy, and specializeds on new Chinese fine arts history, architecture esthetics, the Chinese contemporary architecture. Once was appointed one member of Chinese modern art exhibition committee at 1989, one of the secretary- general of Chinese contemporary architecture art exhibition in UIA international architect congress at 1999, the curator of the Chinese young architects exhibition at 1999, executive section member of the China Pavilion in the 51st Venice Biennale at 2005, the curator of the China Pavilion in the 10th Venice Architecture Biennale at 2006.
体育彩票365怎么玩Work: "Contemporary Architecture Culture And Esthetics" the academic collection (Co-editor-in-chief),Tianjin science and technology press in 1989;"Chinese Architecture Esthetics " (chief editor), Tianjin science and technology press in 1997; "New Chinese fine arts Figure History:1966-1976 "(Wang Mingxian, Yan Shanchun),Chinese youth press in 2000.
Personal exhibition: the missing memory of fine arts :Wang Mingxian´s Contemporary art and Collection exhibition (Beijing Wall art gallery,2007) Group exhibition: Not allowed to make a U-turn: Fragment of Chinese Avant-garde art(Beijing :TRA art gallery,2007) Tian Xing Jian: Forefront exhibition of Chinese contemporary art (Beijing :Asian arts center,2007)
MoCA Envisage II: Butterfly Dream(Shanghai:Shanghai contemporary art museum,2008)
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